Foundational Behaviors

The following behaviors are expected of every Bellin College employee and should be used to guide daily work and decision making:

Be a Team Player – I will work collaboratively with my team and others. When problems arise, I will be part of the solution and embrace change with an open mind. I will be an active, contributing member to all committees.

Use Effective Communication – I will actively listen and use appropriate verbal and nonverbal language, asking questions and clarifying when I do not understand. I will seek out the source for information.

Freely Share Information – I will use my expertise and skillset to benefit all of Bellin College. I will be open to other ways of looking at a situation, noticing if I have a strong preference and allowing time for others to speak. I will strive for transparent communication.

Follow Through – I will understand my role and responsibility to respond in a timely manner, following through on all commitments I have made.

Safe Space – I will create a safe space where people feel empowered to speak up. I will share my observations and concerns in a constructive manner, while honoring
confidentiality. I will work to build and maintain trust.

Diversity and Inclusion – I will work to remove barriers for those with marginalized identities. I will be open to feedback and committed to personal growth surrounding issues of social justice and equity. I realize bias exists, and I will work to address those biases within myself and my colleagues.

Growth – I will promote the programs and services of Bellin College in a positive manner, both internally and externally. I will support initiatives and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Encourage and Gratitude – I will encourage people and celebrate their growth, efforts, and contributions. I will thank and recognize others, in the manner in which they like to receive it.

Financial Integrity – I will use my time and resources appropriately, demonstrating integrity. I will look for ways to improve the quality, experience, and outcomes of Bellin College.

Customer Service – I will be positive, friendly, and kind in my interactions. I will place people before tasks, address people by name, and personalize their experience. I will strive to meet the expectation of our internal and external stakeholders.

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